Honor Committee, Diversity Advisory Board Release Progress Reports

A News Article by Michelle Unterbrink

On October 1, 2007, the Honor Committee released a report summarizing work performed by its executive officers and committees since the start of its term in spring of 2007.

According to the document, 14 cases and six conscientious retractions have been filed with the Honor Committee since the beginning of the term.

Two trials have been conducted and the students involved in both trials have been found guilty of Honor offenses. Another two students have left the University admitting guilt, or “LAG’d”. The Committee granted a single claim of a “contributory mental disorder”.

Additionally, the report details the work done by the Committee’s five executive officers, the Faculty Advising Committee, the Procedures Ad Hoc Committee, the Technology Ad Hoc Committee, the UVA 101 Committee, and the Diversity Advisory Board.

The Diversity Advisory Board (DAB), chaired by Jon Overdevest and Kat Custudio, released an additional report on its efforts to engage newly arrived international students in small group discussions. According to the report:

Although the small group orientation sessions were held outside of the typical ‘orientation week’ of events, 77% of those in attendance agreed the information provided made the session a very worthwhile experience. Moreover, 56% expressed their willingness to participate in follow-up sessions that would explore issues related to Honor which they found particularly relevant. This enthusiasm translated into an expanded understanding of the Honor System, as students exiting the sessions felt more knowledgeable in the function and functioning of Honor within the UVa community.


October 1 Honor Committee Report
DAB Supplemental Report
Further information regarding the Honor Committee


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