Commission Presents Plan for U.Va.’s Future

On October 11th and 12th, the Commission on the Future of the University hosted meetings open to the public. A podcast of the October 12th discussion is available on UVA’s website.

Highlights from the podcast:

Provost Dr. Garson indicated that the University enjoys new opportunities for growth as a result of its newfound financial stability. He credited the recent restructuring plan with the state of Virginia for much of this success.

Before answering questions from the audience, Dr. Garson articulated three main goals for the University’s future.

First among these was maintaining and enhancing the quality of the UVA student experience. Dr. Garson noted that the University is known for its undergraduate experience, and he expressed a desire to grow the number of faculty to reduce class sizes and to encourage more curricular overlap.

Additionally, Dr. Garson said that University should strive to internationalize its education and improve its offerings in science and technology. He advocated an increase in the number of science faculty and substantial construction of new research space.

To pay for the targeted expansion, Dr. Garson noted that the Board of Visitors recently increased the percentage payout from the University’s endowment.

The Commission has posted a series of planning documents for many of the University’s departments.


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