IFC Begins Fourth Annual Crimson War Blood Drive

Starting Monday October 15th and running through Friday October 19th, the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) at the University, in conjunction with Virginia Blood Services, will host the fourth annual Crimson War blood drive.  The event is held each year during the week leading up to the football game against the University of Maryland and is a competition to see which school can donate the most pints of blood.  According to Joe O’Brien, a brother in Phi Kappa Psi and chairman for community service on the IFC, the University remains undefeated against Maryland.  The event this year has involved hundreds of man-hours and weekly meetings between the Greek governing boards and the Virginia Blood Services dating back to March.  O’Brien’s goal this year is to raise 1,000 pints of blood, which would set a Virginia state record for a blood drive.  To encourage participation, the IFC has offered incentives ranging from free food on Monday and Tuesday to tee-shirts to all participants.  A particular push has also been made to target First Years.  In the end, the event represents a unique chance  for University students to engage in a friendly competition while ultimately saving lives.

Stations are set up at Westminster Presbyterian Church (190 Rugby Road) and outside the Chemistry Building and Clark Hall.

More information can be found at the IFC’s website here.


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