“U.Va. is Wooing American Indians.”

The Richmond Times Dispatch notes that the University is joining other colleges in expanding outreach efforts to Native American populations.



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2 responses to “ “U.Va. is Wooing American Indians.”

  1. Elizabeth Schmitz

    Does this mean UVA is going to add an Office of American Indian Affairs?

    I tend to have a problem with the efforts taken by the University to promote ‘inclusiveness,’ such as particular programs and resource centers mentioned in the article. While I understand well that every minority group experiences a particular set of challenges, in general I think outreach programs miss the mark in that they encourage group identification rather than true diversity. Diversity in America ought mean the integration of different group identities, not their separation. It seems the current views of many college administrators are more in line with Balkanization than inclusiveness.

    Elizabeth Schmitz

  2. Kate

    We already have an Office of American Indian Affairs. It is small, but existent nonetheless.

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