The Future of the College and Graduate Schools of A&S

This summer, the College and Graduate schools of Arts and Sciences released a summary of their long term plans for growth. The full report is available here.

Some highlights from the report: 

·        Arts and Sciences hopes to see significant gains in scientific study at the University. In the next six years, the program aspires to double the number of physical science majors and have at least two science departments among the top fifteen in the country.

·        Internationalization is another area of focus. The school aims to double the number of students studying abroad annually by 2015. It also plans to create an international faculty exchange program.

·        In anticipation of continued growth in student population, the schools of Arts and Science plan to increase the number of tenured or tenured track faculty by 20%.

·        To foster cross-curricular collaboration, internationalization, and graduate student research and instruction, the school would like to create three new centers: the Center for Advanced Theoretical Studies, Center for International Students, and a Graduate Student Center.


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