Army ROTC Wins Regional Ranger Challenge Competition

A news article by Daniel Lautzenheiser

This past weekend, the Cavalier Battalion of the University’s Army ROTC program headed down to Fort Pickett and defeated 20 other regional ROTC detachments in what Cadet Andrew Simmons, a third-year in the College, called a “grueling” competition.

The Ranger Challenge pitted ROTC programs from the U.S. Army’s Cadet Command’s Fourth Brigade, which encompasses all of Virginia and North Carolina, against each other in a 36-hour event comprised of the Army Physical Fitness Test, a grenade assault course, Basic Rifle Marksmanship, a timed obstacle course, a 10 kilometer foot march, and various other events. UVA ROTC won first place in daytime, nighttime, and written land navigations tests, the hand grenade assault course, and the foot march, as well as earning second place in the fitness test and fifth place or higher in every other event in defeating peer ROTC institutions like the Virginia Military Institute (VMI), Virginia Tech, and Liberty University.

Said Colonel William T. Wiseman, commanding officer of the Fourth Brigade, “This event assembled 10-cadet teams – the best of the best – from host universities which are already selective and excellent institutions. I would pit any of these teams against similar teams from any U.S. military academy . . . each team are great credits to their universities, training programs, and the U.S. Army.”

Simmons notes that each Ranger Challenge team prepared for the competition by training in excess of their regular cadet duties. To that end, UVA Army ROTC is currently seeking cadets from all years to join the program, and offers a wide range of classroom and field training, as well as the opportunity to compete for 2-, 3-, and 4-year scholarships. In addition, UVA ROTC offers a 1-credit military science course for First and Second Years–MISC 101/102 and MISC 201/202–that is open to non-ROTC students to learn about the Army and gain leadership experience without the pushups and uniforms. Contact Captain Mark Davison with questions: (434) 924-1343 or


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