UVa. Policy Creates Problems at the Polls

A news article by Michelle Unterbrink

A change in UVa policy is creating problems for Charlottesville’s Voter Registrar. The Daily Progress reports that Registrar Sheri Iachetta has been unable to secure election officials for November 6, because a new UVa policy requires employees who staff the polls to either forfeit their 16-hour paycheck for the day or use vacation leave.

A post on the Staff Union at UVA’s website claims that a request for the Attorney General’s ruling on the matter was filed October 22, and describes the situation:

“Anyone working the polls on Election Day is paid by the state and by their employer, but… UVa employees manning the polls on November 6th are being asked to reimburse the university for their missed day of work… everyone locally gets paid for helping with elections, except those employed by UVa.”

Under a 2005 law, the state cannot force employees who work at the polls to use sick or vacation time. UVa’s VP or Human Resources, Susan Carkeek, argues that the UVa policy is not in violation of the law, since employees are not required to use either vacation time or sick leave. Under the new policy, employees may either keep their UVa pay by using paid vacation or civil leave and forfeiting the pay for poll work, or use a day or paid vacation and accept the pay for poll work.

According to Iachetta, seven UVa employees worked city polls last November, but none chose to work this year.

Daily Progress Article
SUUVA Website



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2 responses to “UVa. Policy Creates Problems at the Polls

  1. Jan

    The “post” on our website (SUUVA) is the Progress story. No more, no less, nothing different than what is printed in the paper.

  2. M. Unterbrink

    The quotation I cited came from the “Meetings & Events: Poll Pay Debate” entry posted on the SUUVA website on October 23, 2007. It doesn’t appear anywhere in the Progress article.

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