Trick or Treating: A Report from the Lawn

A news article by Svantje Swider

Though the Lawn is a locus of activity on any normal day at the University, yesterday we experienced the annual treat of watching the lawn fill with brightly-costumed small children and their busy parents, all here for the annual tradition of Trick or Treating on the Lawn.

Hosted every Halloween, the trick or treating has evolved from Lawn residents simply distributing candy to involve elaborate costuming and room decoration on the part of some residents, and ancillary tables from Charlottesville community organizations.

The endeavor involves more effort than one might imagine; according to lawn resident Ryan Anderson, candy for one lawn room costs approximately $300. “This is why some of the doors were shut—often students and sponsoring organizations can’t afford that much candy, so they pool their resources and sponsor rooms together.”

Student creativity and generosity was by no means limited to the lawn rooms and lawn residents themselves. The most astonishing costume by far was a group of approximately 10 students who, dressed as Vikings or Roman soldiers, built the 15-foot exterior of a medieval ship and walked around the lawn inside it, carrying the vessel from the inside. Small children went berserk with glee upon seeing the ship, and several boys held mock sword fights with the ‘Romans’. Children who did not already have swords with their costumes could have a balloon sword made for them—three students, unaffiliated with any lawn room, stood beneath a tree making balloon animals and armaments.


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