Wanted: Missing Lawn Chairs

An editorial by Ning Tay

It is every student’s dream to live on the Lawn, which not only flanks the Rotunda, but is also conveniently smack dab in the middle of grounds. The honor is granted to 54 high-achieving students in their final year at UVa.

However, living on the Lawn has a disadvantage; personal belongings sometimes disappear. Recently, a few residents on the Lawn have reported their lawn chairs missing. These rocking chairs that come with the room cost 300-400 dollars each and must be replaced by the residents if they are broken or lost. Chairs are usually left outside as there is little space within the rooms. Some tie or chain their chair down, but most leave their chairs unchained and free for the taking.

Missy Jenkins, the RA on the Lawn, said that the disappearance of the chairs was “not a big deal.” The residents often move their chairs around just to hang out with their neighbors. Missing chairs aren’t fret over since they usually turn up within the next couple of days. However, it’s when chairs don’t show up for a week or two that residents begin to worry. Unfortunately these missing chairs occasionally do turn out to have been stolen. Chairs have appeared in first-year dorms as a result of late-night pranks. To prevent these thefts, Jenkins encourages her residents to leave their chairs inside.

So for third-years who are considering applying for lawn rooms: be forewarned. This much sought-after glory of living on the Lawn may bring you pride and bragging rights, but the cost includes dwelling constantly in the midst of traffic. When living in such a public space, belongings disappear, visitors come unexpected, and noise is a constant issue. But for those who are willing to hunt down a lawn chair or two, you just may have what it takes to become part of the history of the Lawn.


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