Randy Pausch Delivers Lecture on Time Management at UVA, Draws Crowd of Hundreds

A news article by Michelle Unterbrink

Yesterday, November 27, a crowd of hundreds filled Old Cabell Hall’s auditorium to hear a lecture titled “Time Management” by former UVA professor Randy Pausch. When the auditorium’s 850 seats were filled, approximately 50 additional people were allowed inside to stand and view the lecture. Many more had to be turned away.

The turnout for Pausch’s lecture was impressive, but not surprising. After he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Pausch delivered a lecture at Carnegie Mellon University in September 2007 titled “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams.” The lecture has been viewed over a million times, and Pausch has signed a deal with Hyperion to co-author a book based on the lecture, which will be called “The Last Lecture.”

Much like Pausch’s CMU lecture, yesterday’s lecture was insightful, practical, and humorous. Within the first minutes of the lecture, Pausch proclaimed, “time is the only commodity that matters.” Pausch then described goal setting and planning, technologies and tricks to help organize tasks and workspace, and ways to avoid wasting others’ time–while also preventing them from wasting yours. The lecture concluded with a list of “Action Items” for the audience.

The slides from an earlier version of Pausch’s lecture are available here, and the audio/visual will be available from UVA’s School of Engineering.


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  1. Yes, I’ve also come across Professor Pausch’s notes on Time Management, very impressed, so requested and received his permission of adding a link from my web-based Time Management tool.

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