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Wikipedia Co-founder Visits UVa, Describes New Project

An editorial by Seth Goldin

Dr. Larry Sanger visited the University a couple of weeks ago to give a talk about the politics of information in the digital age. He is a cofounder of Wikipedia along with Jimmy Wales, but now he has become one of Wikipedia’s most vocal critics. He expressed in his talk his concern how the lack of deference to experts and the ability of anyone to contribute anonymously has plagued Wikipedia and is its chief flaw. Even people banned from Wikipedia can circumvent procedures to block them. Dr. Sanger aimed to start up another project that would indeed give deference to experts, with anonymity being impossible. Continue reading



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A Full Week at Thanksgiving

An editorial by Grayson Lambert 

For those students not already at home, the countdown is on for Thanksgiving break. Unlike the past two years, the University’s academic calender this year only gives students Wednesday through Friday for Thanksgiving instead of the entire week. Having the full week off is better, and next year the University should give students this long break. Continue reading


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The Future of Student Council

An editorial by Matt Schrimper

The University of Virginia Student Council has the potential to become the premiere student governing body in the United States within a few short years, if committed student leaders initiate and execute a focused plan.

The primary determinant of Student Council’s success is the people that Council is composed of, but the Council’s greatest dilemma remains its inability to develop and sustain young talent. While Honor, UJC, and Class Councils do a tremendous job of selecting leaders through competitive processes, Student Council fails at recruiting, challenging, and utilizing the talent that is ubiquitous at the University. Student leaders who do join Council often become jaded and disillusioned by the organization’s institutionalized barriers to improvement. Meanwhile, Council is often either unable to significantly advance or complete its most noteworthy efforts or it finds these projects taken over by the University administration. This dilutes the concept of student self-governance and makes for a broken system that needs to be fixed. Continue reading

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Wanted: Missing Lawn Chairs

An editorial by Ning Tay

It is every student’s dream to live on the Lawn, which not only flanks the Rotunda, but is also conveniently smack dab in the middle of grounds. The honor is granted to 54 high-achieving students in their final year at UVa.

However, living on the Lawn has a disadvantage; personal belongings sometimes disappear. Recently, a few residents on the Lawn have reported their lawn chairs missing. These rocking chairs that come with the room cost 300-400 dollars each and must be replaced by the residents if they are broken or lost. Chairs are usually left outside as there is little space within the rooms. Some tie or chain their chair down, but most leave their chairs unchained and free for the taking. Continue reading

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Cavalier Daily Sues Virginia ABC

An Editorial by Eric Jensen

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit in Richmond District Court on behalf of The Cavalier Daily and Virginia Tech’s student newspaper, The Collegiate Times. The two publications are suing the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) for the right to run alcohol-related advertising, which is currently banned in student publications. They point out that alcohol-related advertising could be a significant source of revenue for the two papers.

The two newspapers, together with the ACLU, are arguing that their audience includes a number of students, faculty and staff, or Charlottesville residents who are over the age of 21, and that the paper is not predominantly marketed to an underage audience. Rebecca Glenberg, attorney for the ACLU who is handling the case, stated when asked for comment, “It is our position that there is no evidence that the prohibition on alcohol related advertising in college newspapers actually advances the government’s interest in preventing underage drinking and over-consumption of alcohol.”

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Al Gore and Gold

An editorial cartoon by Joshua Evans


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Editorial in Cavalier Daily about the Virginia Sentinel

On Thursday, October 18th, The Cavalier Daily published an editorial on the Sentinel, in which Cavalier Daily Opinion columnist Robby Colby welcomed the Sentinel as a second source of University news.

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